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02/10/2016Anders Nilsson (G)BAK
ADD Returned on loan from Edmonton (NHL)
02/10/2016Laurent Brossoit (G)BAK
DEL Recalled from loan by Edmonton (NHL)
02/10/2016Matt White (G)BAK
ADD Signed to PTO
02/10/2016Stephon Williams (G)BRI
ADD Reassigned by NY Islanders (NHL) from Missouri (ECHL)
02/10/2016Peter Harrold (D)CHI
DEL Recalled from loan by St. Louis (NHL)
02/10/2016Derek Classen (G)ONT
ADD Signed to ATO
02/10/2016Steven Hodges (C)POR
ADD Loaned from Florida (NHL)
02/10/2016Justin Bailey (RW)RCH
DEL Recalled from loan by Buffalo (NHL)
02/10/2016Dane Walters (RW)RFD
DEL Returned on loan to Toledo (ECHL)
02/10/2016Mason Geertsen (D)SA
ADD Reassigned by Colorado (NHL) from Fort Wayne (ECHL)
02/10/2016Brandon Marino (RW)UTI
DEL Released from PTO
02/09/2016Griffin Reinhart (D)BAK
ADD Returned on loan from Edmonton (NHL)
02/09/2016Casey Bailey (F)BNG
ADD Loaned from Ottawa (NHL)
02/09/2016Ryan Rupert (C)BNG
ADD Loaned from Ottawa (NHL)
02/09/2016Tobias Lindberg (RW)BNG
DEL Recalled from loan by Ottawa (NHL)
02/09/2016Carter Sandlak (LW)CHA
ADD Reassigned by Carolina (NHL) from Florida (ECHL)
02/09/2016Sean Escobedo (D)CHA
DEL Released from PTO
02/09/2016Spencer Asuchak (LW)CHI
DEL Loaned to Allen (ECHL)
02/09/2016Joey Leach (D)HER
DEL Returned on loan to South Carolina (ECHL)
02/09/2016Brennan Serville (D)MB
DEL Returned on loan to Tulsa (ECHL)
02/09/2016Garrett Wilson (LW)POR
DEL Recalled from loan by Florida (NHL)
02/09/2016Nick Mattson (D)RFD
DEL Returned on loan to Indy (ECHL)
02/09/2016Charlie Dodero (D)SYR
ADD Recalled from loan to Greenville (ECHL)
02/09/2016Casey Bailey (RW)TOR
DEL Recalled from loan by Toronto (NHL)
02/09/2016Garret Sparks (G)TOR
DEL Reassigned by Toronto (NHL) to Orlando (ECHL)