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01/29/2015Scott Marean (G)BNG
ADD Signed to ATO
01/29/2015Johan Gustafsson (G)IA
DEL Reassigned by Minnesota (NHL) to Alaska (ECHL)
01/29/2015Matt Dumba (D)IA
DEL Recalled from loan by Minnesota (NHL)
01/29/2015Stu Bickel (D)IA
ADD Returned on loan from Minnesota (NHL)
01/29/2015Martin Ouellette (G)LV
DEL Returned on loan to Reading (ECHL)
01/29/2015Greg Carey (LW)POR
ADD Reassigned by Arizona (NHL) from Gwinnett (ECHL)
01/29/2015Frankie Simonelli (D)PRO
DEL Returned on loan to South Carolina (ECHL)
01/29/2015Spencer Asuchak (F)PRO
DEL Released from PTO
01/29/2015Allan McPherson (C)RCH
ADD Recalled from loan to Elmira (ECHL)
01/29/2015Billy Sauer (G)RCH
DEL Released from PTO
01/29/2015Travis Fullerton (G)RCH
ADD Signed to PTO
01/29/2015Taylor Peters (C)TEX
DEL Reassigned by Dallas (NHL) to Idaho (ECHL)
01/29/2015Josh Leivo (RW)TOR
ADD Returned on loan from Toronto (NHL)
01/29/2015Ronalds Kenins (LW)UTI
DEL Recalled from loan by Vancouver (NHL)
01/29/2015Alex Boak (D)WBS
ADD Recalled from loan to Wheeling (ECHL)
01/29/2015Kyle Bigos (D)WOR
ADD Recalled from loan to Ontario (ECHL)
01/28/2015Mike Keenan (D)ALB
DEL Released from PTO
01/28/2015Mike Keenan (D)ALB
ADD Signed to SPC
01/28/2015Andrew Hammond (G)BNG
DEL Recalled from loan by Ottawa (NHL)
01/28/2015Brad Mills (C)BNG
DEL Released from PTO
01/28/2015Brad Mills (C)BNG
ADD Loaned from Ottawa (NHL)
01/28/2015Colin Greening (LW)BNG
ADD Returned on loan from Ottawa (NHL)
01/28/2015Raphael Bussieres (F)IA
ADD Returned on loan from Minnesota (NHL)
01/28/2015James Martin (D)LE
ADD Signed to PTO
01/28/2015Joey Leach (D)LE
ADD Recalled from loan to Fort Wayne (ECHL)