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03/31/2015Benjamin Dieude-Fauvel (D)IA
DEL Released from PTO
03/31/2015Andrew Johnston (F)LV
ADD Reassigned by Philadelphia (NHL) from Reading (ECHL)
03/31/2015Billy Sauer (G)RCH
ADD Signed to PTO
03/31/2015Vince Hinostroza (F)RFD
ADD Added
03/31/2015Vince Hinostroza (F)RFD
ADD Signed to ATO
03/31/2015Jared Nightingale (D)SYR
ADD Signed to PTO
03/31/2015Jonathan Marchessault (RW)SYR
ADD Returned on loan from Tampa Bay (NHL)
03/31/2015Brett Ritchie (RW)TEX
ADD Returned on loan from Dallas (NHL)
03/31/2015Curtis McKenzie (LW)TEX
ADD Returned on loan from Dallas (NHL)
03/31/2015Jeremie Blain (D)UTI
DEL Reassigned by Vancouver (NHL) to Kalamazoo (ECHL)
03/31/2015Daniil Tarasov (RW)WOR
ADD Returned on loan from San Jose (NHL)
03/30/2015Ben Johnson (LW)ALB
ADD Reassigned by New Jersey (NHL) from Orlando (ECHL)
03/30/2015Jordan Henry (D)CHA
DEL Released from PTO
03/30/2015Christian Folin (D)IA
DEL Recalled from loan by Minnesota (NHL)
03/30/2015Maxim Lamarche (D)LV
DEL Reassigned by Philadelphia (NHL) to Reading (ECHL)
03/30/2015Andrey Makarov (G)RCH
DEL Recalled from loan by Buffalo (NHL)
03/30/2015Tony Turgeon (LW)SA
ADD Recalled from loan to Allen (ECHL)
03/30/2015William Karlsson (C)SPR
ADD Returned on loan from Columbus (NHL)
03/30/2015Jonathan Marchessault (RW)SYR
DEL Recalled from loan by Tampa Bay (NHL)
03/30/2015Luke Witkowski (D)SYR
DEL Recalled from loan by Tampa Bay (NHL)
03/30/2015T.J. Brennan (D)TOR
DEL Recalled from loan by Toronto (NHL)
03/30/2015Konrad Abeltshauser (D)WOR
DEL Reassigned by San Jose (NHL) to Allen (ECHL)
03/29/2015Alexandre Carrier (RW)ALB
DEL Returned on loan to Orlando (ECHL)
03/29/2015Chris Driedger (G)BNG
ADD Returned on loan from Ottawa (NHL)
03/29/2015Colin Markison (RW)BRI
ADD Signed to ATO