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10/24/2014Myles Bell (RW)ALB
DEL Loaned to Evansville (ECHL)
10/24/2014Alexander Fallstrom (RW)PRO
DEL Recalled from loan by Boston (NHL)
10/23/2014Colin McDonald (RW)BRI
ADD Loaned from NY Islanders (NHL)
10/23/2014Mark Nemec (D)BRI
DEL Loaned to Colorado (ECHL)
10/23/2014Connor Crisp (LW)HAM
ADD Loaned from Montreal (NHL)
10/23/2014Jared Nightingale (D)HFD
ADD Signed to PTO
10/23/2014Calvin Pickard (G)LE
ADD Returned on loan from Colorado (NHL)
10/23/2014Francois Tremblay (G)LE
DEL Loaned to Fort Wayne (ECHL)
10/23/2014Reid Petryk (C)LE
DEL Loaned to Fort Wayne (ECHL)
10/23/2014Cory Kane (LW)PRO
DEL Loaned to South Carolina (ECHL)
10/23/2014Matt MacKenzie (D)RCH
DEL Loaned to Elmira (ECHL)
10/23/2014Luke Witkowski (D)SYR
ADD Returned on loan from Tampa Bay (NHL)
10/23/2014Blake Kessel (D)TOR
ADD Recalled from loan to Orlando (ECHL)
10/23/2014Jeremie Blain (D)UTI
DEL Reassigned by Vancouver (NHL) to Kalamazoo (ECHL)
10/23/2014Harrison Ruopp (D)WBS
DEL Reassigned by Pittsburgh (NHL) to Wheeling (ECHL)
10/22/2014Anders Lee (LW)BRI
DEL Recalled from loan by NY Islanders (NHL)
10/22/2014Brody Sutter (C)CHA
DEL Recalled from loan by Carolina (NHL)
10/22/2014Matthew Register (D)CHI
DEL Released from PTO
10/22/2014Michael Bournival (C)HAM
ADD Loaned from Montreal (NHL)
10/22/2014Nathan Beaulieu (D)HAM
ADD Loaned from Montreal (NHL)
10/22/2014Chris McCarthy (LW)HFD
DEL Reassigned by N.Y. Rangers (NHL) to Greenville (ECHL)
10/22/2014Mackenzie Skapski (G)HFD
ADD Reassigned by N.Y. Rangers (NHL) from Greenville (ECHL)
10/22/2014Richard Nejezchleb (LW)HFD
DEL Released from ATO
10/22/2014Brandon Anderson (G)HER
DEL Reassigned by Washington (NHL) to South Carolina (ECHL)
10/22/2014Aaron Rome (D)NOR
ADD Signed to PTO
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