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04/17/2014Markus Granlund (C)ABB
ADD Returned on loan from Calgary (NHL)
04/17/2014Matt Weninger (G)ADK
ADD Signed to ATO
04/17/2014Mike Matczak (D)ADK
DEL Released from PTO
04/17/2014Tye McGinn (LW)ADK
ADD Returned on loan from Philadelphia (NHL)
04/17/2014Eric Kattelus (LW)CHI
DEL Returned on loan to Kalamazoo (ECHL)
04/17/2014Keith Aucoin (C)CHI
ADD Returned on loan from St. Louis (NHL)
04/17/2014Yannick Veilleux (LW)CHI
DEL Reassigned by St. Louis (NHL) to Kalamazoo (ECHL)
04/17/2014Ryan Sproul (D)GR
ADD Returned on loan from Detroit (NHL)
04/17/2014Willie Coetzee (RW)GR
ADD Loaned from Detroit (NHL)
04/17/2014Xavier Ouellet (D)GR
ADD Returned on loan from Detroit (NHL)
04/17/2014Sam Klassen (D)POR
DEL Released from PTO
04/17/2014Austin Madaisky (D)SPR
ADD Reassigned by Columbus (NHL) from Evansville (ECHL)
04/17/2014Brandon MacLean (C)STJ
ADD Signed to PTO
04/16/2014Eric Roy (D)ABB
ADD Signed to ATO
04/16/2014Ryan Culkin (D)ABB
ADD Signed to PTO
04/16/2014Chris VandeVelde (C)ADK
DEL Recalled from loan by Philadelphia (NHL)
04/16/2014Shayne Gostisbehere (D)ADK
ADD Signed to ATO
04/16/2014Cody Reichard (G)IA
DEL Released from PTO
04/16/2014Jake Dowell (C)IA
ADD Returned on loan from Minnesota (NHL)
04/16/2014Joe Howe (G)IA
ADD Signed to PTO
04/16/2014Joel Martin (G)IA
DEL Released from PTO
04/16/2014Kirill Gotovets (D)MIL
DEL Released from ATO
04/16/2014Mac Carruth (G)RFD
DEL Recalled from loan by Chicago (NHL)
04/16/2014Josh McFadden (D)SA
ADD Reassigned by Florida (NHL) from Cincinnati (ECHL)
04/16/2014Chris Conner (RW)WBS
ADD Conditioning loan from Pittsburgh (NHL)
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