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10/29/2014Markus Granlund (C)ADK
DEL Recalled from loan by Calgary (NHL)
10/29/2014Nicholas Rioux (D)IA
ADD Signed to PTO
10/29/2014Dennis Everberg (RW)LE
DEL Recalled from loan by Colorado (NHL)
10/29/2014 lamarche (D)LV
ADD Added
10/29/2014Brandon Manning (D)LV
DEL Recalled from loan by Philadelphia (NHL)
10/29/2014Maxim Lamarche (D)LV
ADD Added
10/29/2014Maxim Lamarche (D)LV
ADD Reassigned by Philadelphia (NHL) from Reading (ECHL)
10/29/2014Maxim Lamarche (D)LV
ADD Added
10/29/2014Richard Clune (LW)MIL
ADD Loaned from Nashville (NHL)
10/29/2014David Warsofsky (D)PRO
DEL Recalled from loan by Boston (NHL)
10/29/2014Joe Morrow (D)PRO
DEL Recalled from loan by Boston (NHL)
10/29/2014Curtis McKenzie (LW)TEX
ADD Returned on loan from Dallas (NHL)
10/28/2014Corey Potter (D)ADK
ADD Loaned from Calgary (NHL)
10/28/2014Patrick Brown (C)CHA
ADD Returned on loan from Carolina (NHL)
10/28/2014Alden Hirschfeld (C)GR
DEL Loaned to Toledo (ECHL)
10/28/2014Richard Nedomlel (D)GR
DEL Reassigned by Detroit (NHL) to Toledo (ECHL)
10/28/2014Stephen Weiss (C)GR
ADD Conditioning loan from Detroit (NHL)
10/28/2014Jason Missiaen (G)HFD
DEL Reassigned by N.Y. Rangers (NHL) to Greenville (ECHL)
10/28/2014Chris Brown (RW)HER
ADD Loaned from Washington (NHL)
10/28/2014Tom Wilson (RW)HER
DEL Recalled from loan by Washington (NHL)
10/28/2014Justin Falk (D)IA
DEL Recalled from loan by Minnesota (NHL)
10/28/2014Stu Bickel (D)IA
DEL Recalled from loan by Minnesota (NHL)
10/28/2014Viktor Stalberg (LW)MIL
ADD Conditioning loan from Nashville (NHL)
10/28/2014Shea Theodore (D)NOR
ADD Conditioning loan from Anaheim (NHL)
10/28/2014Joel Hanley (D)POR
ADD Recalled from loan to Gwinnett (ECHL)
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