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AHL Staff Directory

andrews15David Andrews || Bio
President and Chief Executive Officer
nikolis_200_1Chris Nikolis || Contact
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development
murray14_200Michael Murray
Executive Vice President, Hockey Operations
Darren Arnold
Executive Consultant, Team Business Services
chaimovitch16_200Jason Chaimovitch || Contact
Vice President, Communications
lavoine_200_1Sean Lavoine || Contact
Vice President, Licensing and Corporate Sales
caruso14_200Melissa Caruso
Vice President, Hockey Administration
griffin_200Drew Griffin
Director, Finance and Administration
Jonathan Forsberg
Director, Team Business Services
flanagan15_200Shawn Flanagan
Manager, Hockey Operations
aasand_200Emily Aasand
Manager, Digital and Social Media
smith14_200Sean Smith
Manager, Marketing Services
vance16_200Emily Vance
Coordinator, Business Analytics

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