Erskine finds new life on Island

New NHL, new rules, new brand of hockey. This was supposed to be season in which players like John Erskine were tossed to the pro hockey scrap heap. Instead, Erskine has found a new NHL life in a new organization.

AHL grads riding Vancouver’s goalie carousel

Can someone hold a job with one of the NHL’s best teams, have a first-round pedigree and yet be completely adrift? If you are Maxime Ouellet, the answer appears to be yes.

L.A. life suiting former AHL MVP fine

Los Angeles Kings netminder Jason LaBarbera’s workload now pales in comparison to the burden that he carried with the Hartford Wolf Pack in recent seasons.

On the AHL road…

The AHL blockbuster deal that sent Albany veterans Pascal Rheaume and Ray Schultz to the San Antonio Rampage for the still-young-enough Brad Ference last month perked up what has been a mostly quiet AHL trading post.

On the AHL road…

As much as the AHL is rightfully seen as a stepping stone to bigger and brighter lights, it also has plenty of quality individuals who quietly serve as the league’s caretakers and are to quick to speak up when it comes under fire.

Opportunity knocking for Vandermeer

Seemingly insignificant on the second day of the NHL free-agency period, the signing of veteran AHL’er Peter Vandermeer by the Montreal Canadiens may prove to be one of the team’s most important acquisitions.