Bridgeport developing talent on and off the ice

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers are an active hockey team on and off the ice. In addition to managing a team, they offer other various programs, such as the Kid’s Club and an assortment of internships. Another particular program provides interested high school students with a great opportunity. It is the high school journalism competition, in which students will get a feel for what it is like to be a sports journalist. It is a great opportunity for any student interested in a career in sports journalism.

The journalism program will provide participants with a chance to compose articles about the Sound Tigers, their games and their players. Participants will be able to attend Sound Tigers home games and will be seated in the press box. From there, they will watch the game and receive game notes and stat updates, everything necessary to construct an article. In addition, participants may receive permission to interview players and coaches for additional material for articles. With all the information that the high school journalist has collected, they will write an article based on the game, or even a particular player or event associated with the game. Eventually, these articles will be published in local newspapers.

The journalism program is open to all high school students. Applicants must submit a 200 word essay about why they should participate in the program and how they would benefit from this unique opportunity.

The program has many benefits. While preparing for the game in the media area, program members will be able to interact with some of the professional writers seated in the press box. It is good for the high school students to get proper insight from a professional point of view. This program is highly recommended to high school students that are interested in a career as a sportswriter. The experience will come in handy in the future, whether it is in future journalism jobs or the program’s appearance on college resumes.

This program is appealing to students because of its association with sports and writing. The program is not an intense, hard-working program. The main purpose is for the participants to have fun, learn something and become a better, more experienced writer.

Matt Esposito goes to Bunnell High School in Stratford, Connecticut and is the first member of the Sound Tigers student journalism program.