Hockey keeps Hudon close to family, fans

📝 by Michelle Wells | AHL On The Beat

For Colorado Eagles forward Charles Hudon, hockey is more than just a game. It’s something he shares with those dear to him.

Growing up in Alma, Quebec, a small town about five hours north of Montreal, Hudon recalls where playing hockey all got started for him.

“My dad was coaching when I was young,” Hudon said. “I was always on the ice with him even if I was like two or three years old. We had a rink in the basement and my brother and I were always there, we were always playing (hockey) together so it was pretty fun.”

Throughout his entire career, Hudon’s father has been there for him. Mentioning his father was his coach when he was younger, Hudon says that even in his ninth year of professional hockey his dad still makes time to watch his games.

“He was always there,” he said following a recent Eagles overtime win against the Texas Stars. “I’m pretty sure, even with the two-hour time change, he was watching the game tonight. So, he’s always watching my brother and me when we’re playing, so it’s really good to have him on my shoulder.”

Now Hudon has three kids of his own, whom he tries to spend as much time with as he can. And one of the ways he does so is through hockey.

“I have two daughters and one son. My youngest one is my son, so we’re trying to give him a stick, puck, or whatever he can hold and he’s pretty good. My oldest one, she’s pretty good at skating, she really enjoys it when we’re on the ice. Whenever we get the chance, I can bring her here on the ice and it’s pretty fun.”

In addition to sharing hockey with his family, the game is also a way for Hudon to connect with the fans. Hudon says the fans are one of his favorite parts about playing the sport.

“I’m a guy who loves to be around my family, around fans. So, when they get the chance to talk to me, I think it’s the best thing about hockey, the fans who are young kids always talking to you about anything else.”

Hudon has certainly won the hearts of Eagles fans as well, putting on one of the best performances of his professional career this season.

He currently leads the AHL in power-play goals with 16, and in 53 games has scored 25 goals and notched 22 assists for 47 points.