Phantoms reveal redesigned jerseys

phi-jerseys_200.jpgThe Philadelphia Phantoms, in conjunction with the Philadelphia Flyers and the American Hockey League, today revealed their new Rbk EDGE game uniforms for the 2007-08 season.

The new uniforms represent the first major redesign in Phantoms history of the team’s primary white and black sweaters. Both jerseys retain the traditional Phantoms crest, the Phlex patches on the shoulders and the same style of letters and numbers that have adorned Phantoms jerseys for the past 11 years. The major changes to the jersey lie in the new Rbk EDGE construction, which will give the Phantoms a new modern and streamlined look.

Instead of purple shoulders trimmed in orange and black, the shoulders on the new jerseys are the same color as the jersey body. The torso of the jersey is "ringed" in purple, with a wide purple stripe going up each side of the jersey before splitting where the sleeves meet the torso. In the front, the purple stripe tapers to a narrower stripe that ends at the neck. On the back, the stripe continues up each side and ends at the neckline, forming a wide purple area that will hold the player nameplate. A black stripe trims out the area where the purple meets the jersey body in the shoulders.

Like the old design, the EDGE jersey has purple and orange stripes at the end of each sleeve, but the stripes are wider and reach further up the sleeve than before. The collar of the jersey is trimmed in orange. On the back, the Rbk and AHL logos have migrated from the lower right corner to the lower center.

"We know that tradition is important to hockey fans in Philadelphia," said Phantoms COO Frank Miceli. "When we went through the design process, we wanted something that would retain the main features of the original Phantoms uniforms while also launching the next chapter in Phantoms history. We believe the new design captures that spirit, and we’re extremely happy with the new look."

The Rbk EDGE Uniform features technologically-advanced materials and fabrics that are more breathable, more resistant to water absorption and offer greater range of motion for today’s hockey player. This league-wide uniform innovation was established by Reebok with the National Hockey League earlier this year with performance and safety at the forefront of the design process. After more than two years of research and testing, the Rbk EDGE Uniform System will debut this fall in only two leagues worldwide: the NHL and the American Hockey League.

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