Senators unveil inaugural uniforms

The Belleville Senators unveiled the uniforms they will wear during their inaugural season in the American Hockey League during a public ceremony at the Quinte Mall on Saturday.

Players, coaches and management joined hundreds of fans as the team unveiled both a predominantly white and a predominantly black uniform.  Each of these versions features a classic, heritage style “B” positioned prominently in the middle of the jersey. Both jerseys also feature a commemorative inaugural season patch on their shoulders. This inaugural season logo, unveiled today, pays tribute to the City of Belleville where the team will play its home games and will only be used on the uniform for the 2017-18 season.


The light jersey is predominately white, with singular black and red stripes across the chest. The “B” logo is in black, framed in white and red trim, and centered on these stripes. The sweater also has black and red stripes on the middle of the arms, within the collar and along the base trim.

The white sweater number design will utilize a heritage-style font that is predominantly black with white and red trim. The sweater is complemented by black and red gloves as well as black pants with red and white stripes down each side. The light uniform will pair with a white helmet which includes the team’s logo, inaugural season patch and player’s number on front and back.


The dark jerseys are predominately black, with white and red stripes across the chest and arms, and around the collar. The “B” logo remains identical to the home jerseys with players employing the same pant and glove design along with a black helmet. The sweater will utilize the same number font, but in predominantly white with black and red trim.

AHL teams wear light jerseys at home to begin the season, and dark jerseys at home after the Christmas break.