Sound Tigers going green in the press box

bri06_200.jpgThe Bridgeport Sound Tigers have announced that they are joining the “Go Green” effort to help make our environment healthier.

Instead of printing numerous media packs each game, which consist of about 50 pages each, the team will now save the packs onto USB disc drives for all media and scouts to view.

“The waste in paper that we would accumulate after home games was immense so by having the USB drives available for the working press and scouts it cuts down on the unused paper,” Sound Tigers president Howard Saffan said.

Each drive will have the game’s rosters, bios and miscellaneous information. The drives also will hold the notes from each prior game allowing the press and scouts to research notes from earlier in the season.

The Sound Tigers say that by making simple changes in the home and throughout the day, fans too can assist in the team’s effort in making a positive impact on the environment. Below are several ways to lead a healthy life towards improving our environment:

At Home: Sink into Recycling
When taking a shower or washing your hands, be conscientious of how much water you are using and ultimately wasting by letting the water run excessively. Also, people should always recycle all newspapers, bottles, cans and cardboard.

At School: Used means Vintage
As a student, you are always reading books. Look into the various online sites to order books or if your school has one, purchase the version used to cut down on all of the publishers printing an over abundance of unnecessary versions.

On the Road: Gas-ing Down
With the cost of gas sky-rocketing, cut back on your driving especially if you are going somewhere that you could ride a bike or walk.

At Work: Shut it Down
When you go out for lunch or leave for the day, always remember to shut your computer down. When you leave it on standby over a long period of time it is still draining power.