Who got moved on deadline day?

Below is a breakdown of trades made at the NHL Trade Deadline which affected players at the AHL level… Click here for a full roundup of the day’s moves.


Player Old Organization (AHL affiliate) New Organization (AHL affiliate)
David Laliberte (F) Anaheim Ducks (SYR) Boston Bruins (PRO)
Stefan Chaput (F) Anaheim Ducks (SYR) Boston Bruins (PRO)
Brian McGrattan (F) Boston Bruins (PRO) Anaheim Ducks (SYR)
Sean Zimmerman (D) Boston Bruins (PRO) Anaheim Ducks (SYR)
Patrick Rissmiller (F) Atlanta Thrashers (CHI) Florida Panthers (RCH)
Dane Byers (F) Columbus Blue Jackets (SPR) Phoenix Coyotes (SA)
Kevin Montgomery (D) Colorado Avalanche (LE) Edmonton Oilers (OKC)
Shawn Belle (D) Edmonton Oilers (OKC) Colorado Avalanche (LE)
Ryan Potulny (F) Chicago Blackhawks (RFD) Ottawa Senators (BNG)
Colton Teubert (D) Los Angeles Kings (MCH) Edmonton Oilers (OKC)
John Mitchell (F) Toronto Maple Leafs (TOR) N.Y. Rangers (CT)
Evan Oberg (D) Vancouver Canucks (MTB) Florida Panthers (RCH)
Tom Sestito (F) Columbus Blue Jackets (SPR) Philadelphia Flyers (ADK)
Greg Moore (F) Philadelphia Flyers (ADK) Columbus Blue Jackets (SPR)
MacGregor Sharp (F) Anaheim Ducks (SYR) Vancouver Canucks (MTB)
Joel Perrault (F) Vancouver Canucks (MTB) Anaheim Ducks (SYR)
Drew MacIntyre (G) Atlanta Thrashers (CHI) Montreal Canadiens (HAM)
Brett Festerling (D) Montreal Canadiens (HAM) Atlanta Thrashers (CHI)
Anton Khudobin (G) Minnesota Wild (HOU) Boston Bruins (PRO)
Jeff Penner (D) Boston Bruins (PRO) Minnesota Wild (HOU)
Mikko Lehtonen (F) Boston Bruins (PRO) Minnesota Wild (HOU)