#AHLFanFridays Week 5: Justin Kanter

Our fifth #AHLFanFridays winner is Justin Kanter, a Milwaukee Admirals fan through thick and thin, and from across the country.


With the fourth logo in my personal lifetime now upon us, I can honestly say I am more excited for this upcoming season than I have ever been. With a youthful team and a such a dangerous new crest on our sweaters, the Milwaukee Admirals are going to be a serious threat to this league.


To me, the AHL is a family. My Admirals are a family. The kids come in, begin to mature here, and graduate to the pros. Milwaukee is such a great place to be from. The development we offer here, the love the city provides and the intensity the fans bring, I couldn’t imagine rooting for any other squad.
All I have ever known growing up in Milwaukee is the Ads. For as long as I can remember I have gone to games with my pops and my uncle. Cheering for guys like Darren Haydar and Vern Fiddler, to Pekka Rinne and Shea Weber, to Colton Sissons and Austin Watson.
In 2004, I was lucky enough to celebrate a Calder Cup. As years went by, I got to see draft picks turn into superstars. No matter as the crest changed, the family bond, the strength remained. As the years surpassed and players came and went, Milwaukee was still a deep-rooted hockey town that loved and supported in the thick and thin.
Growing up going to games at the Bradley Center brought a strong bond to my family. Even though I no longer reside in Milwaukee, it doesn’t stop me from cheering on the Ads in my current hometown of Los Angeles. Looking for my folks and uncle while watching live online.
With the westward movement, I’m excited to see games in person in Los Angeles and San Diego and not have to solely resort to games on AHL Live. Yes, I am that goofy guy in LA that wears his hockey sweaters to the beach. The guy with the skating captain crunch, the old sailor head, the goofy laughing skull and now the fierce Skeletor admiral. You may have taken the kid out of Milwaukee, but you can never take the Milwaukee Admirals out of the kid.