Miromanov leaving impression on road to NHL

Since joining the Golden Knights organization in March 2021, Daniil Miromanov has quickly impressed his teammates, coaches, and management on and off the ice. But his path to the NHL was a long time coming.

Championship sets Wolves up for future success

A Friday in November might seem like an unlikely time for a team to begin a run to the Calder Cup. But Ryan Warsofsky believes that his club truly started its path on the night after U.S. Thanksgiving in Grand Rapids.

Wolves holding two aces in net

Like a lot of the American Hockey League’s circle of experienced goaltenders, Alex Lyon understands his mandate.

Wolves, T’birds took similar roads to Finals

Both the Chicago Wolves and Springfield Thunderbirds have taken some hits, endured slumps and faced setbacks. But now they are both close to their ultimate goal. Each team is four wins away from a Calder Cup title.

Wolves in familiar Finals territory

The Chicago Wolves have done plenty of both developing and winning on their path to the Calder Cup Finals, their fifth Finals appearance since joining the league in 2001.