Brodzinski a trend-setter with his new ride

Photo: Ontario Reign

by Lindsay Czarnecki | AHL On The Beat

Second-year Ontario Reign forward Jonny Brodzinski took the time and money to spoil himself a bit this past off-season by getting the truck of his dreams.

“It’s been something I wanted for a long time. Me and my brother, actually,” said Brodzinski of his truck and his brother, Michael, who signed with the San Jose Sharks last season. “I had been looking for a long time and then when he signed pro, too, we were both looking together. I got something just a little bit smaller last year, different truck, but I’ve always wanted the crew cab four-door.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted and me and Michael got the same model, the Chevy crew cab, and he got the chrome grill and I got the all-black grill.”

Here’s a look for those truck enthusiasts out there:

Finally finished! Pretty excited how it turned out. #chevy #blackonblack

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Now his new ride is getting some attention and is the envy of some of his teammates. He’s become the de facto driver for his housemates, Adrian Kempe and Alex Lintuniemi – “We’ve got a packed truck every time we come to the practice rink,” Brodzinski said.

“It’s funny now, a lot of the guys are talking to me – [Kurtis] MacDermid and [Justin] Auger. Auger just bought a crew cab four-door truck too,” Brodzinski said. “He was talking to me about what rims to get, what lift to get, all that kind of stuff.

“Now MacDermid’s getting one too, everybody’s upgrading from cars to trucks.”


“I think so. I must be,” he said.