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Playoff Primer: April 8

A daily look at the race to the 2011 Calder Cup Playoffs. The 2010-11 regular season ends on Sunday, April 10.

Standings through games of Thu., Apr. 7:

x-Portland 77462362100272229.649 8381064112
x-Manchester 7843254696249205.615 1421004411
Connecticut 7739302686211212.558 534923721
Worcester 7836294985207237.545 531893302
Providence 7735363376198244.494 728823121
Springfield 7733392371223249.461 627773021
Bridgeport 7728384767209256.435 424732721
z-W-B/Scranton 77562001113252177.734 7491195221
x-Hershey 7745243598250205.636 3421044521
x-Charlotte 7842272793257240.596 537973920
x-Norfolk 7838259691255222.583 533953502
x-Binghamton 7841293590250217.577 140944211
Syracuse 7833383473208244.468 231773311
Adirondack 7730374670192239.455 426762903
Albany 7732401469212270.448 626752912
x-Hamilton 7842272793217189.596 636973802
x-Manitoba 7843281693216201.596 934973620
x-Lake Erie 7742273592213198.597 438984112
Abbotsford 7737304684180203.545 1126902903
Grand Rapids 7736312882224240.532 531883412
Toronto 78353211081216214.519 629853120
Rochester 7731375471207251.461 526772921
x-Milwaukee 7742216898216187.636 8341043721
x-Houston 7945281596234209.608 1035983610
Texas 7740274690210205.584 634963712
Peoria 7841293590215212.577 635943720
Oklahoma City 7738282987233226.565 533933603
Chicago 7738294686249249.558 632923521
San Antonio 7739314385222233.552 732913521
Rockford 7735334579203237.513 431853421
Today’s Games:
Connecticut at Bridgeport – 7:00 PM EDT
Worcester at Charlotte – 7:00 PM EDT
Abbotsford at Grand Rapids – 7:00 PM EDT
Adirondack at Manchester – 7:00 PM EDT
Portland at Providence – 7:05 PM EDT
Hershey at W-B/Scranton – 7:05 PM EDT
Albany at Springfield – 7:30 PM EDT
Binghamton at Rochester – 7:35 PM EDT
Texas at Milwaukee – 7:00 PM CDT
Oklahoma City at San Antonio – 7:00 PM CDT
Chicago at Peoria – 7:05 PM CDT
Lake Erie at Rockford – 7:05 PM CDT
Hamilton at Manitoba – 7:30 PM CDT

Yesterday’s Results:
Norfolk 3 at Syracuse 5

x – clinched playoff berth
y – clinched division title
z – clinched regular-season title
GP – games played
W – wins (2 points)
L – regulation losses (0 points)
OTL – overtime losses (1 point)
SOL – shootout losses (1 point)
PTS – points
GF – goals for
GA – goals against
Pct – points percentage
SOW – shootout wins
ROW – regulation/overtime wins
Max Pts – maximum possible points
Max ROW – maximum possible reg/OT wins
HR – home games remaining
AR – away games remaining

Friday’s Clinching Scenarios:

Portland clinches the Atlantic Division title on Friday with:
(a) a point at Providence, OR
(b) a Manchester loss (reg/OT/SO) vs. Adirondack
Connecticut clinches a playoff berth on Friday with:
(a) a win at Bridgeport AND a Worcester loss (reg/OT/SO) at Charlotte, OR
(b) an OTL/SOL at Bridgeport AND a Worcester regulation loss at Charlotte
Milwaukee clinches the West Division title on Friday with:
(a) a point vs. Texas
Texas clinches a playoff berth on Friday with:
(a) a regulation or overtime win at Milwaukee, OR
(b) a shootout win at Milwaukee AND either (1) a Chicago shootout win or loss (reg/OT/SO) at Peoria or (2) an Oklahoma City regulation loss at San Antonio, OR
(c) an OTL/SOL at Milwaukee AND a Chicago loss (reg/OT/SO) at Peoria AND a San Antonio loss (reg/OT/SO) vs. Oklahoma City, OR
 (d) a Chicago regulation loss at Peoria AND a San Antonio regulation loss vs. Oklahoma City
Peoria clinches a playoff berth on Friday with:
(a) a win vs. Chicago

Matchups if the Calder Cup Playoffs started today:









Tiebreaker Notes:

  • Hamilton would get N1 over Manitoba based on more regulation/OT wins (36-34)
  • Texas would get W3 over Peoria based on fewer games played (77-78)


2011 Calder Cup Playoffs Qualification Rules:
In 2010-11, the AHL will have 16 teams participating in the postseason.

In each division, the fourth-place team will play the first-place team in the division semifinals, while the second-place team plays the third-place team.

There are two possible exceptions to the qualification rules in 2010-11: in each conference, if the fifth-place team in the eight-team division finishes with more points than the fourth-place team in the seven-team division, it would cross over and compete in the seven-team division’s playoffs.

(If the fifth-place team in the eight-team division produces more points than the third-place team in the seven-team division, then the team that finishes first in the seven-team division shall play the team that finishes third in the seven-team division.)

Division semifinal winners face off in the division finals. The winner of the East Division final plays the winner of the Atlantic Division final in the Eastern Conference final, while the winner of the North Division final plays the winner of the West Division final in the Western Conference final. Conference final winners meet in the Calder Cup Finals.

All series are in a best-of-seven format.

Following are the tiebreaking procedures used in the event of a tie in points in the standings, regardless of division, following the completion of the regular season. (Prior to the end of the regular season, the team with fewer games played is ranked higher in the event of a tie in points.) When a tie among three or more teams is broken resulting in a two-team tie, the original tiebreaking method is used.

Between two teams:
a) wins (excluding shootouts)
b) points in season series between teams
c) goal differential
d) goals scored in season series between teams
e) intra-conference points percentage

Among three or more teams:
a) wins (excluding shootouts)
b) points percentage in combined season series
c) goal differential
d) goal differential in combined season series
e) intra-conference points percentage