Bidding farewell to a memorable, incomparable 2021

A league that worked through World War II, the NHL expansion era in the 1960s and 1970s and a boom period for much of the past 25 years encountered something completely different with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Weekend notebook: Kings-Sharks rivalry runs deep into AHL

Southern California black-and-silver versus Bay Area teal has been a West Coast fixture for more than 30 years in the NHL, and the Kings’ and Sharks’ affiliates have built a rivalry of their own since the AHL’s Pacific Division formed in 2015.

Weekend notebook: Honesty best policy for Laperriere

Ian Laperriere did not manage to play 1,083 NHL games as a seventh-round draft pick by grasping for silver linings or by making excuses. The first-year Lehigh Valley Phantoms head coach is a results guy.

AHL clubs have lots to be thankful for

Each AHL club has plenty for which to be thankful as November comes to a close, not the least of which is that the AHL is back playing a full schedule in front of fans in all 31 cities.