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Playoff Primer: March 9

A daily look at the race to the 2011 Calder Cup Playoffs. The 2010-11 regular season ends on Sunday, April 10.

Standings through games of Tue., Mar. 8:

            Goal DiffMax PtsMax WHRAR
1Portland 62381752832231787-2.669+451195699
2Manchester 65382025832131771-5.638+361135387
3Connecticut 64322426721771753-6.563+210448106
4Worcester 63282348681691925-8.540-231024589
5Springfield 64302923651942066-3.508-12974688
6Providence 63283032611592035-2.484-44954598
7Bridgeport 62213434491642144-4.395-508539810
1W-B/Scranton 63451800902051466-0.714+5912462710
2Hershey 65392114832101703-4.638+401135478
3Charlotte 66362226802182013-6.606+171085068
4Norfolk 63311985752051714-5.595+3410948107
5Binghamton 63332334732051731-4.579+321075089
6Albany 62243413521612164-3.419-558842711
7Syracuse 62223334511531971-4.411-448740117
8Adirondack 62213236511452064-6.411-61873999
1Manitoba 64352315761791606-5.594+1910851106
2Toronto 67332518751921846-8.560+81014694
3Hamilton 62342215741791565-5.597+2311052711
4Lake Erie 65322535721761733-5.554+310247510
5Abbotsford 653125457115817710-5.546-191014687
6Grand Rapids 64302518691881953-8.539-710146610
7Rochester 64292933641732025-3.500-299645610
1Milwaukee 63351747811811566-7.643+2511552125
2Houston 67372514791901758-4.590+151055094
3Texas 65342245771791795-5.59201074969
4Peoria 65352424761821774-4.585+51065087
5Chicago 66332535742162174-5.561-11024795
6San Antonio 62352430731911826-0.589+910953117
7Oklahoma City 63332325731891815-5.579+810750413
8Rockford 63252945591631983-5.468-35934289
Tonight’s Games:
Bridgeport at Albany – 7:00 PM EST
Rockford at Hamilton – 7:00 PM EST
Providence at Manchester – 7:00 PM EST
Hershey at Worcester – 7:00 PM EST
Binghamton at Norfolk – 7:15 PM EST
Peoria at Chicago – 7:00 PM CST

Last Night’s Results:
Hershey 2 at Portland 3 (SO)
Binghamton 1 at Charlotte 2
Rockford 2 at Toronto 3 (SO)
Connecticut 5 at W-B/Scranton 2
Manitoba 4 at Oklahoma City 1
Grand Rapids 3 at Peoria 0

x – clinched playoff berth
y – clinched division title
z – clinched regular-season title
GP – games played
W – wins (2 points)
L – regulation losses (0 points)
OTL – overtime losses (1 point)
SOL – shootout losses (1 points)
PTS – points
GF – goals for
GA – goals against
S/O – shootout record
PCT – points percentage
Diff – goal differential
Max PTS – maximum possible points
Max W – maximum possible wins
HR – home games remaining
AR – away games remaining


Matchups if the Calder Cup Playoffs started today:











2011 Calder Cup Playoffs Qualification Rules:
In 2010-11, the AHL will have 16 teams participating in the postseason.

In each division, the fourth-place team will play the first-place team in the division semifinals, while the second-place team plays the third-place team.

There are two possible exceptions to the qualification rules in 2010-11: in each conference, if the fifth-place team in the eight-team division finishes with more points than the fourth-place team in the seven-team division, it would cross over and compete in the seven-team division’s playoffs.

(If the fifth-place team in the eight-team division produces more points than the third-place team in the seven-team division, then the team that finishes first in the seven-team division shall play the team that finishes third in the seven-team division.)

Division semifinal winners face off in the division finals. The winner of the East Division final plays the winner of the Atlantic Division final in the Eastern Conference final, while the winner of the North Division final plays the winner of the West Division final in the Western Conference final. Conference final winners meet in the Calder Cup Finals.

All series are in a best-of-seven format.

Following are the tiebreaking procedures used in the event of a tie in the standings following the completion of the regular season. When a tie among three or more teams is broken resulting in a two-team tie, the original tiebreaking method is used.

Between two teams:
a) wins (excluding shootouts)
b) points in season series between teams
c) goal differential
d) goals scored in season series between teams
e) intra-conference points percentage

Among three or more teams:
a) wins (excluding shootouts)
b) points percentage in combined season series
c) goal differential
d) goal differential in combined season series
e) intra-conference points percentage